It was the funniest
How they think they knew us
How they think they made us
And how they judge us

Do they really think that we care
Just because they stare
And their 'brilliant' words that they share
Just want to show that they dare

They wear shining heels
They have glitters and jewelleries
So did they think that we're gonna cry for this?
Sorry but we dont fit in those luxuries

Walking with proud and envy
Do you think that they live happily?
Yes, we didn't have that lux thingy
But we still happy and living free

They maybe have money and fame
But sorry they got no brains
Which they can't think proper and thats a shame
Well, we hope you can live with those pains

They judging us, and keep looking down
They really didn't realize how pity when they count
Because that makes them fall bleeding to the ground
Thats more making them look like CLOWNS.


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