At that time I was just a girl
Knowing nothing and my mind started to swirl
I couldn't think anything but your last words,
You said you missed me so much and 'be a good girl'.

At the same time I was really muzzy
Seeing my mom like that, pretending happy
She wants me to stay sturdy
So that she can forget those sad stories

We lived in trouble here
I really want my dad to be next to her
Time washed my happy family, it becomes fader
I missed our laughter
Just watching my mom, I cant be stronger either

As I grew older, I started to understand
We should just living in and learn to stand
I know this was a charm for us to change
Just save that sadness as things to boost our strength

Now we seem stronger and started to believe
Even you're not around here, your strength still alive
I wish you were here, watching my victory's achieved
So you can praise me and say 'I knew you can do this'.

I will always miss you,


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